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Take control of your cash flow

It is time to get paid sooner so you can get more done. With fast, flexible access to low-cost capital, C2FO helps you turn invoices
into opportunities — today.

Two clicks gets you paid early, in as little as 24 hours
Select your invoices, discount rates, and payment dates
No contracts, no fees — just the capital you need now

On-Demand Capital
for Every Business

C2FO is the only working capital solution that allows suppliers to get invoices paid early, when they want, at a discount they select using our patented Name Your Rate® technology. No loans, factors, paperwork or hassle. Just one click to set your rate, and if accepted, a payment that was to be made in 30, 60 or 90 days is made immediately. Why borrow working capital when you can accelerate it instead?

With fast, flexible access to low-cost capital, every business can gain total control over their cash flow and unlock the potential in their balance sheet like never before.

Trusted by Leading Indian and Fortune 100 Companies

How Suppliers Win With C2FO

“We plan on our working capital requirement with an eye to the future. Early payments through a platform like C2FO will play a critical role in a recessionary environment.”

Siddharth Hegde
Founder and Managing Director, Ethinos

“Money reaching us at a time when it is most required – works wonders for our business. What is really impressive is that when C2FO commits a payment to us, we are 100% sure that the money will come.”

Dipak Pandya
Founder and CEO, Intec FRP Products


Average Days Paid Early
In-Network Businesses
Invoices Accelerated Monthly
Supplier Funding To Date
“Working capital without risk or restrictions fuels innovation, business prosperity and the economy at large.”
Sandy Kemper
C2FO Founder and CEO

C2FO Serves Businesses Like Yours

Unlocking cash flow

Businesses that want to unlock cash trapped by payment terms, enabling access to capital without the hassle of traditional loans or factors.
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Achieving metrics

Businesses focused on improving key financial metrics including EBITDA and free cash flow.
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Reducing barriers

Business owners who need working capital to grow and have been held back by the barriers inherent in risk-based underwriting.
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Strengthening supply chains

Global enterprises focused on supporting their suppliers and providing additional financial support and opportunities to those that are diverse-owned and sustainable.
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Empowering Global Business

Easy access without the hassle

Without loans or paperwork, it is easier than ever to access more capital to invest in your business.

Complete suite of working capital products

Strengthen your business with options that deliver the right funding at the right time, for the right price.

Flexible, on-demand capital platform

See approved invoices from multiple customers in one place, select invoices to be paid early, and name your discount rate.

Patented technology with a human touch

You can always rely on our team of trusted advisors to find the cash flow solutions that work for your business.

An innovative win-win model

Our unique approach to dynamic discounting and supplier finance keeps cash flowing for suppliers and improves key financial metrics for buyers with more flexibility and speed.

How can we help your business grow?

Building a Better Financial System

We are building a truly inclusive global economy where every business has equitable access to low-cost capital.

We believe that when all global businesses have access to the capital they need to grow, we all win.

We offer an alternative to traditional financing options where suppliers can get paid early, and buyers are rewarded with returns on their cash. This innovative, win-win approach gets capital into the hands of businesses faster and at a lower cost.

As the world’s first on-demand working capital platform, we’re leveling the playing field for all businesses to achieve their goals.

Find Working Capital Solutions That
Work for Your Business

Start getting paid early, and discover options for getting more working capital into your business, so you can invest in your growth goals.